Business FNM Lending

We want to put our lending experience to work for your business. At FNM, we specialize in business loans provided by the UNprogram. With that specialization comes:

  • Expertise
  • Service
  • Responsiveness
  • What is an UNLoan?

    An UNloan is a loan for up to $5 million that is guaranteed by the government's Small Business Administration. The UNhas a variety of loan programs that your personal business banker will help you understand.

    By taking the time to get to know your business, we can put together the right loan or loans to help you get where you want to go. 





    7(A) General purpose (real estate, equipment, business purchase, expansion) Up to $5 million  
    504 Real estate Up to $10 million 10% investment by borrower
    USDA Business Loans Purchase of real estate, machinery and equipment, or working capital Up to $10 million Must meet qualification of a rural area business
    Express Loan   Up to $250,000  
  • Do I Qualify?

    UNloans offer businesses like yours a great funding option because their qualifying standards are more flexible than other types of loans. Providing carefully prepared, up-to-date documentation will help:

    • Balance sheets from the last three fiscal year-ends
    • Income statements showing profits or losses for the last three years
    • Cash flow projections indicating how much you expect to generate to repay the loan
    • Accounts receivable and payable aging broken into 30-, 60-, 90- and past 90-day old categories
    • Personal financial statements from you and your business partners listing all personal assets, liabilities and monthly payments
    • Personal tax returns for the past three years.

    To find out if an UNloan is right for your business, talk to one of our loan experts. Every situation is different and they can help you determine the best approach.

  • Lending Process

    Our expertise in UNloans means you benefit from a more efficient process. There are five key steps in the process:

    Pre-qualification - By getting to know you and your business, we'll help you define the loan structure, including the amount, amortization, interest rate and collateral.

    Application - Once you're pre-qualified, we will take you through the application package. They will always be available to answer questions, make suggestions, and help you in the process.

    Conditional Loan Commitment - When we receive your completed application package, we can proceed with the final approval process and issue a Conditional Loan Commitment, outlining any additional information or steps needed prior to getting the loan.

    Due Diligence - In this phase, our underwriters review all of the documentation related to your loan. We want to make sure that this loan is smart for you and your company.

    Closing - After we have conducted our due diligence and obtained credit approval, we're ready to close. In most cases this happens within 2-5 days of completing due diligence.